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Lower back pain;

Driving, sitting, carrying bags a lot of what we do in our everyday life we use our lower backs. Sometimes the lower back can be the cause of leg pain. Facet joints where one spinal bone joins the other, muscle spasms/strains and disc injuries may potentially be the cause lower back pain.


Neck and mid back pain;

Difficulty driving, turning neck and checking our blindspots?  A lot of us today look down on our phone and tablets this can affect our posture and ultimately the neck.

Just like the lower back the pain culprits can be facet joints where one spinal bone joins the other, muscle spasms/strains and disc injuries.


Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction PSD/SPD;

Pain around the lower back and pelvis when pregnant. During the first and last trimester a lot of changes happen to the body, and the hormone relaxin is released. This can cause the pubic symphysis to come under extra strain and become painful. Why not call today if concerned.


Cervicogenic Headache;

Headaches that arise from the neck, sometimes can be a band around the forehead, one side of the temple or pressure behind the eye. Always a good idea to have your blood pressure checked at the GP and an eye test, if both ruled out the headache culprit maybe coming from your neck.



Can be extremely debilitating whether they are with the visual disturbance aura or not, some migraine sufferers also feel nauseas and may need to take themselves off to a quiet room.


Joint pains;

A lot of people assume chiropractors only treat lower backs, but actually we can treat any joint.


Common complaints include:


Hip arthritis;

Pain be around the hip, groin lower back and radiate down the leg.


Knee arthritis;

Knees may click,lock and give way. Pain going up/downstairs and difficulty bending or kneeling on knees.

With arthritic pain the aim of treatment is pain relief rather than complete cure.


Frozen Shoulder;

If your shoulder is getting increasingly stiffer, difficult to lay on in bed, washing hair it maybe a frozen shoulder. Not always but usually it is the non dominant arm involved.


Tennis elbow;

Not necessarily caused by tennis, it is essential an overuse injury. Stretches can be very affective


Achilles injury; 

Pain around the back of the heel potentially radiating up the leg.


Shoulder tendon injury;

Difficulty moving the arm but not impossible unlike a frozen shoulder.